SBA Form 5C, Disaster Home Loan Application

SBA Form 5C, Disaster Home Loan Application
SBA Form 5C, Disaster Home Loan Application

What Is SBA Form 5C?

SBA Form 5C, Disaster Home Loan Application is a document used by renters and homeowners to apply for Small Business Administration (SBA) Disaster Loans to repair or replace real estate or personal property damaged during a state or federally-declared disaster.

The latest edition of the form was released by the SBA in February 2015. An up-to-date SBA Form 5C fillable version is available for digital filing and download below:

A homeowner may apply for a loan of up to $200,000 and use the money to rebuild or repair their primary residence to its pre-disaster condition. The money cannot be used to make any upgrades or additions to the house. Both homeowners and renters may be eligible for loans of up to $40,000 to replace or repair the destroyed personal property. This property includes furniture, clothing, appliances or vehicles lost or damaged during a disaster.

The SBA Form 5 (Disaster Business Loan Application) is a related form used by business owners to request loans for repairing destroyed or damaged real estate or business property.

SBA Form 5C Instructions

Homeowners and renters should contact the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) before applying for an SBA loan. FEMA offers disaster assistance and monetary grants, which do not need to be paid back. Applicants will be asked to provide their FEMA registration number on the form.

All applicants will need to submit an IRS Form 8821 (Tax Information Authorization) or the IRS Form 4506 (Request for Copy of Tax Return) along with a completed and signed SBA Form 5C in order for the SBA to determine their ability to repay the loan.

The SBA may request some additional information to process the application. This information may include copies of recent Federal Income Tax returns, a copy of current pay stubs, etc. All requested paperwork must be provided within 7 days of the request.

How to Fill out SBA Form 5C?

The form may be submitted by a single applicant or by two applicants at the same time.

  1. Section 1 requires information about both the primary applicant and joint applicant, including their full names, Social Security Numbers, dates of birth, marital statuses, their family size, and employment status.
  2. The mailing addresses of both applicants should be provided in Section 2.
  3. Section 3 requires the applicants’ contact information and preferred method of contact.
  4. Each applicant must provide the contact information of a close relative not living with them at the time of the application Section 4.
  5. Section 5 requires detailed information on the applicants’ employment and income.
  6. The address of the damaged or destroyed property must be entered in Section 6.
  7. Sections 7 and 8 require insurance information and data about any other received or expected disaster assistance. The provided information may influence the final loan amount.
  8. The pre-disaster value of assets should be entered in Section 9.
  9. Section 10 is for a detailed description of any debts the applicants have.
  10. All required and continuing expenses - like alimony, medical costs and tuition - must be listed in Section 11.
  11. Section 12 contains a set of 16 questions regarding previous Federal and SBA loans, citizenship, criminal history and tax delinquencies for both the primary and joint applicant to answer.

The completed form should be signed and dated in ink by both applicants and handed in to the closest Disaster Recovery Center or emailed to


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