SBA 468 Forms

SBA 468 Forms
SBA 468 Forms

What Is SBA Form 468 Series?

Each Small Business Investment Company (SBIC) - organized as limited partnerships or limited liability companies - must file their annual and quarterly financial reports on one of the applications from the SBA 468 series under §107.630 of the Small Business Administration (SBA) regulations. The series includes four forms in total:

For SBIC Corporations:

For SBIC Partnerships:

In accordance with §107.504(a), all SBICs must prepare their SBA 468 forms digitally using the most recent version of the Windows-compatible electronic reporting software provided by the SBA. SBIC Corporations must use corporate version 2.1 of the software. SBIC Partnerships must use version 3.6. Both are available on the SBA website or can be requested by emailing the Office of Investment at

SBA Financial Report Forms

A complete financial report must include the data files created through the electronic reporting software (with the supplementary Excel file), two sets of software-generated schedules (including signed management certifications), the Notes to Financial Statements, two copies of the Operating Plan Update (for Licensees with outstanding SBA leverage), and the Independent Auditor's Report.

All data files must be submitted to the Office of Investment on a CD, a diskette or by email. The Office of Investment’s electronic address is The mailing address of the office is at SBA Office of Investment, 409 3rd Street SW, Suite 6300, Washington, DC 20416.

The actual report files should have an extension of *.sba or be entirely in a PDF format.

Under Section 315(a) of the Small Business Investment Act of 1958, the SBA may impose a $100 filing penalty for every day for the report is late. SBICs may request additional time to file if extenuating circumstances make it is impossible to submit the report within the prescribed time frame. Written extension requests must be forwarded to an area chief or a financial analyst in the Office of SBIC Operations before the filing due date.


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